I have been a Licensed Esthetician since September of 2000, specializing in paramedical skincare.  Having suffered from acne and severe hyperpigmentation myself, I know how skin problems can affect your life, both physically and emotionally.  I believe "less is more" and my primary goal has always been to achieve optimum results with the least amount of steps and within the client’s budget.  It’s my approach to not only give hands-on treatments but also offer continuing education toward a common goal.  Throw in good nutrition, communication and a sensible home-care program and you’ll soon see glowing, beautiful skin! It’s good skin sense!

I was attuned as a Reiki Master/Teacher in 1998 and have maintained a private practice, The Wellness Touch, since that time.  As a founding member of Life Spark Healing Buddies program in Denver, I sat on the advisory board and was an instructor/mentor for their training program, working extensively with cancer patients.  Reiki heals mind, body and spirit and blends well with my healthy approach to skincare.  It’s become an integral part of my daily life and has helped me greatly, both personally and professionally.

The dragonfly and what it represents has always intrigued me. It can fly in any direction and symbolizes transformation and change, key points that can apply to good skincare/beauty as well as a balanced life. Nothing stays the same. Be ready and willing to adapt to the cards you’ve been dealt.